Anna Pearl Jensen-Klump
Mama klump




The Nutty Professor
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps


Eddie Murphy


Unnamed father
Ida Mae Jensen (mother)
Cletus Klump (husand)
Sherman Klump (son)
Ernie Klump Sr. (son)
Ernie Klump Jr. (grandson)
Denise Gaines (daughter-in-law)

Anna Pearl "Mama" Jensen-Klump (born April 1931) is the mother of Sherman and Ernie Sr. and wife of Cletus. While Anna Pearl is more down to earth than most of her family, she often has moments where she unintentionally embarrasses her son. She becomes a bit of a smother to him, calling him a baby even though he's a grown man as Cletus points out. Despite that, she loves Cletus and Sherman very much. She gives Sherman moral support whenever his confidence is shot and tries to be understanding to Cletus whenever their sex life is on the rocks. She also has a maternal instinct when it comes to her grandson Ernie Jr., such as by calling him affectionate nicknames such as "Hercules" and trying, but failing, to keep him from picking up Cletus' ugly trademarks such as his ability to fart on command. Much like her husband and the entire Klump family, they don't really have a major impact in the first film but their story is expanded in the second.

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